Friday, June 12, 2009

Short-Term Memory Loss

I don't know why I often misplace books etc. and difficult to recall if I had unplug the iron, and feel to go back and check it. It is normal to forget things occasionally. But i'm worried my forgetfulness become serious problem. I have answered a quiz 'Are You Suffering from Short-Term Memory Loss' adapted from the book 'Female and Forgetful : A six-step program to help restore your memory and sharpen your mind' And the result is:

You have mild short-term memory problems

Through your memory is generally good, you sometimes have trouble
recalling recent events.Hormonal fluctuations, stress,
a diet that lacks adequte vitamins and suppliments, low blood sugar
and not getting enough exercise may be contributing to your
minor forgetfulness. Memory retrieval also slows down
as you age, but this doesn't mean the memories
aren't still there..You just need to work harder to remember them.

So those who have same problem , you should try this quiz.Click here

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