Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pelik..memang pelik

Yang pelik tu la orang lagi suka kan..Jom kita tengok hotel yang pelik2 kt dunia ni..

Propeller Islannd City Lodge, Berlin

At Berlin's Propelle Island City Lodge, each of the 30 rooms is weird in its own way. This one was designed to look like a brightly painted medieval town, with an ultra-mini golf course surrounding the castle bed.

The room covered with wacky symbols.

This circus-like room at Propeller Island City Lodge has lion cages on slitls

Hotel Costa Verde

A refurbished 1965 Boeing 727 airframe - which looks as if it crashed into the Costa Rica jungle- is now part of the Hotel Costa Verde.

Hotel de Vrouwe Van Stavoren, Nethelands

The four enormous casks on the grounds of the Hotel de Vrouwe Van Stavoren in the Netherlands once held the equivalent of 19,333 bottles of wine

The Crazy House

The daughter of Ho Chi Minh's number two masterminded the Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery, a complex that more than earns its local nickname, the Crazy House.

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