Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tips how to become a powerful presenter

Ini bulan lepas punya cerita.I have attend powerful presentation skills training last month. The presenter who's a consultant and have experience for more than 20 years in this area. Gile la sgt Wow, superb bila tgk presenter tu bercakap..aku sgt jeles ok...Hopefully I can be like him one day..sapa taw kan..and i also penah berangan2 nak jd consultant.. So I just want to share  what I have learn during that training.Luckily i don’t felt asleep, tersengguk-senguk at that time =)
Tips how to become a powerful presenter :
1)Know the audience
- You should know your audience. Who are they? What are their needs? Knowledge? Approach your presentation from your audience perspective - not your perspective.

2)Apply the 3 Vs
Vocal - Make sure you use the right pitch, volume during presenting.Speak loud enough so everyone can hear. And also you need to pause. Jangan cakap cepat sangat mcm bullet train.
Verbal - Use proper grammar and pronounce word correctly. And emphasis words yang mana perlu ditekankan
Visual -
eye contact : focus on each person
facial expressions : avoid tense facial muscles, constant smilling. (Senyum perlu tapi xperlu sepanjang masa nak senyum)
posture : when standing, stand up straight but not stiff. Watch out for : hands in pockets, crossed arms, wringing hands.
 head movements : be aware of head movement and what they convey.
nodding = affirmation
shaking = denial
tilting = curiousity / uncertainty
holding head high = confidence

3) Manage your fear
No matter what nervous symptoms you experinece before your presentation, you're normal and not alone!  Tetiba la kan rasa macam nak luruh jantung bila bercakap depan orang ramai. Some people feel anxious that they will make embarrasing ,mistakes, forget what they are going to say, look nervous, sound boring, but its normal! The secret is to control nervousness.
Take deep breath
Psych Talk - talk to yourself positive word; 'Yes I Can Do It!'
Preparation - Be prepared. Do some research about what you are going to present.
Practise - Keep practising. Bercakap depan cermin ke, its really work!based on my experience..hehe

p/s : Its not what are you say. But how you say it!


zaiem said...

ooo..selama ni dok lena la p training no?

izzah said...

mana ada(kalo ada pun xmau mengaku =p